"Whatever Your Style, Keep it Clean"
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"People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs." ~Author Unknown



Liquid Glass Ultimate Polishing Finish
S100 Engine Brightner
Westley’s Bleche-Wite for white wall tires
TRT Bling Premium Metal Polish
Gunk Foamy Engine Brite
Doc Bailey’s Black Leather Restoration
Never Dull wadding polish
Flitz anti-corrosion metal polish
Carb Cleaner
Brake Klean
Blue-B-Gone metal shine
Meguiare’s Products:
- Gold Class Leather Cleaner/Conditioner
- Plastic Cleaner/Polish
- All metal polish
- Soft Wash Gel
- Quik Mist & Wipe Detailer
- Fine Scratch & Swirl Remover
0000 steel wool
S100 8inch Q-tips
6-12 inch extention sticks
Microfiber cloths
Extra lighting, seat and radio

I can keep your new bike in pristine condition or can take years off your older motorcycle. I have a strong dedication to my craft and all work is performed PERSONALLY by me to insure the best quality possible. I am fanatic about detail. Every inch of your bike will be gone over. I believe it’s the small things that make the overall detail turn out great. I take special pride when I hear my customers say “WOW”! You can count on Sherri's Detailing to help you maintain your investment.

Detailing Services:

- Hand wash to remove sand, salt and bugs. Anything that is abrasive to scratch your surfaces.
- Degrease engine, under carriage and brake grease and residue.
- Chamois and/or blow dry.
- Streak free cleaning of all mirrors, gauges, windshields, tail and headlight to insure clear vision.
- Condition leather seats, bags, foot pegs and accessories. (Doc Bailey’s black leather stain used to repair that wear look when needed.)
- Polish all metal surfaces. Including but not limited to, rims, rotors, (both sides) hubs, splash guard, forward controls, kickstand bracket, calipers, forks, triple tree (back and under). I know the hard to get to spots on the starter, tranny, pipes, inner primary and rocker boxes. I will hit them all!
- I will remove as much rust and boot marks as possible.
- Wax all painted surfaces with Liquid Glass which provides a thick coating which helps prevent small nicks.

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